PWP trainers

Our professional and experienced team of trainers will support senior leaders and school staff to embed the Talk for Writing teaching sequence across the whole school.

pie portrait

Pie Corbett

Pie Corbett is the originator of Talk for Writing. He was a primary Head, ran a degree and post graduate course in teacher training and became English Inspector in Gloucestershire. He worked for the National Primary and Secondary strategies, developing materials, making films and delivering training across the country.

Author and editor of over 250 books, he is well-known for his award winning resource books for teachers as well as poetry anthologies for children. He runs writing workshops, performs poetry and has told stories across the country. He has appeared at festivals in Edinburgh, Cheltenham, Folkestone, Canterbury, Wiltshire and was the first ‘poet in residence’ attached to the Kent Literature Festival.

He co-led the ‘Storymaking’, ‘Teachers and Teaching Assistants as Writers’ and ‘Transforming Writing’ projects. In addition, he set up ‘Writing Schools’ on behalf of the DfE. He works on developmental projects with clusters of schools, talks at conferences around the world and writes. First and foremost, he sees himself as a teacher-writer. In 2008, Winchester University made him a Doctor of Letters for his contribution to creative education, poetry and storytelling.

John Stannard CBE

John has worked in primary education for more than 50 years as a primary teacher, trainer, local authority adviser and inspector, and as HMI. His special interests have always been in language and literacy across the primary years. He was Ofsted’s specialist English adviser, from where he was appointed to design and direct the National Literacy Strategy from 1996 – 2001. He was awarded a CBE for services to literacy education in 2001.

Since then, he has worked on a wide range of projects developing the English language curriculum and supporting government strategy and school reform programmes internationally in South-east Asia, Canada, the Caribbean and the Gulf states. He also continued working for the UK government in the Cabinet Office, and as National Champion for gifted and talented learners, up to 2010.

John and Pie worked together on the development of Grammar for Writing in the NLS and, in 2012, they joined forces to create the Primary Writing Project. Talk for writing has built a significant reputation among primary teachers here and abroad. The PWP has been designed to develop and embed this pedagogy in a more strategic way through systematic support aimed at whole school improvement.


Dean Thompson

Dean has worked in primary education for over 20 years. He was Programme Director for Primary School Improvement with the National Strategies, having previously worked as a Senior Regional Adviser for Primary School Improvement, Local Authority Literacy Adviser and Senior School Leader.

Dean was involved in developing the highly effective Improving Schools Programme. The programme, developed as part of the Primary National Strategy, supported schools facing challenging circumstances to raise standards through developing leadership and management, improving teaching and learning and developing the professional learning community.

Schools that were part of the Improving Schools Programme consistently achieved, on average, twice the national rate of improvement in English and Mathematics. The programme also contributed significantly to reducing the number of primary schools below the floor standard. Dean works as a Talk for Writing consultant, delivering training and support to schools across the country.


Kaye Haywood

Kaye is currently a Talk for Writing Consultant, Head of School and responsible for the development of literacy at Pie Corbett’s first Talk for Writing School.  Kaye has worked closely with Pie Corbett over many years on a number of literacy projects with the Primary National Strategy, Department for Education and the National Literacy Trust.

Kaye has valuable experience leading a high performing school within a challenging area. She successfully implemented the power and philosophy of Talk for Writing, which in turn had a dramatic impact on accelerating children’s progress and improving standards across the whole school.

Kaye is a committed ambassador for Talk for Writing who regularly delivers whole school training, presents at conferences and supports schools nationally and internationally to successfully implement the Talk for Wriitng approach.


Maria Richards

Maria has worked as a primary school teacher in Devon and Somerset. During her time as a class teacher, she took on the role of English subject leader and became a Leading Literacy teacher for Somerset. In 2006, she joined the school improvement service in Somerset as a National Strategy Consultant. She supported schools to raise attainment in Literacy as well as training teachers in the use the National Strategy materials.

In 2007 Marie became involved in the Talk for Writing South West pilot. Since then she has worked with schools nationally and internationally to implementTalk for Writing. She continues to work closely with Pie Corbett on literacy conferences and projects. Maria works regularly with a range of schools delivering bespoke training, planning and one to one support to embed Talk for Writing into everyday practice. As a result of her work, she has gained a wealth of experience in implementing Talk for Writing across the whole school.


Alison Cooper

Alison has many years of experience in a range of primary schools as a class teacher and senior school leader. More recently, she has worked extensively with schools locally, nationally and internationally supporting and developing school improvement. Much of her work is school-based, working collaboratively and strategically with Senior Leadership Teams, focusing on supporting and building the leadership capacity of English Subject Leaders. In addition, Alison leads and develops effective in-service training and has been praised for the bespoke approach she adopts.

For the past ten years, Alison has worked closely with Pie Corbett. This has involved co-leading significant projects with Pie Corbett and also considerable involvement in the development of ‘Talk for Writing’ materials as part of the National Strategies in 2008. Since 2011, Alison has worked as a successful Talk for Writing Consultant throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.


Carol Satterthwaite

Carol Satterthwaite has trained schools in Talk for Writing since 2005. She is a member of the national Talk for Writing team of consultants led by Pie Corbett and delivers effective training and support across the United Kingdom and internationally for individual schools, networks and Local Authorities.

Carol provides strategic support for the effective implementation of Talk for Writing with senior school leaders. She also works alongside teachers in the classroom supporting, coaching and demonstrating effective practice.

Prior to becoming a free-lance literacy consultant in 2006, Carol was a senior literacy consultant in a Local Authority.


James Walker

James is an outstanding primary school teacher and literacy consultant. He has over ten years of experience as a class teacher, middle leader and English leader. In addition, he has led city-wide networks of English Subject Leaders, Year 6 teachers and Newly Qualified Teachers.

James has many years of experience in the training and development of Talk for Writing. He has worked extensively alongside Pie Corbett on many projects, including the successful  ‘Transforming Writing’ project. He currently leads training at Knowle Park Primary School in Bristol- one of the first national Talk for Writing training centres. James has spoken at conferences, led training events and supported schools to coach and mentor staff to develop their practise. He now works as a Talk for Writing Consultant, delivering training across the country and has a passion for helping schools ensure every child reaches their potential.


Claire Warner

Claire has worked as a teacher and deputy head in London where she developed a passion for teaching Primary English. Her expertise has been developed through her roles as Advisory Teacher at CLPE, Senior Lecturer and Senior Adviser with the National Strategies. Claire has expertise in collaborative classroom-based professional learning, having written and led a degree programme, worked as a teacher coach and provided training for a Lesson Study research project funded by the Education Endowment Fund.

Claire’s leadership experience includes leading a team of local authority literacy consultants and working with the National Strategies to support local authorities and schools in the Midlands. In addition, Claire has led the Initial Teacher Education programme at the University of Chester. Claire is currently the Head of the Every Child Counts Literacy Programme at Edge Hill University.


Gareth Davies

Gareth is passionate about quality learning experiences for all children.  He has an in-depth understanding and wealth of experience from the Early Years through to Primary and Higher Education. He has a proven track record of improving outcomes for children and has made notable contributions to school improvement, nationally, locally and within and across schools in England and Wales.

In his role as role as a Literacy Adviser for the National Strategies, he delivered quality training to a range of national audiences.  It was within this role he designed and wrote a range of published materials around the development of literacy and language. More recently he has become an accredited Every Child Counts National Adviser with Edge Hill University and has co-authored a Wave 3 Reading intervention.


Francesca Beers

Francesca has been involved with Talk for Writing for several years. Whilst at Knowle Park Primary School in Bristol, she worked as a class teacher, Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) and Lead Practitioner, developing Talk for Writing. The impact of her work supported Knowle Park to significantly improve pupil outcomes and become a successful Talk for Writing training school.

Francesca led the development of Talk for Writing within the school and has delivered training and support across the United Kingdom. She is now the Deputy Head Teacher at Easton Church of England Academy in Bristol where she continues to develop Talk for Writing across the whole school. Francesca is currently co-directing several Primary Writing Project (PWP) partnerships across the country.


Jo Pearce

Jo has been involved in supporting schools since 2009, when she worked as a Primary English Consultant for Gloucestershire. Her work as a consultant since then has helped many primary teachers and leaders improve the quality of teaching and learning in their schools. She has co-led projects with Pie Corbett, using Talk for Writing as a vehicle for school improvement.

Jo’s school-based experience includes English Subject Leader, Deputy Head Teacher and Head of Teaching and Learning. She is passionate about closing the gap for disadvantaged pupils.   Since 2012 she has been the Head Teacher of an improving school in a challenging area of Cirencester, and has implemented storytelling and Talk for Writing across the curriculum. This has led to the pupil achievement in writing rising to above national standards. Thanks to her Governing body, she is enjoying working as a co-director for Primary Writing Project (PWP) partnerships whilst being a Head Teacher, and loves to ‘magpie’ ideas from the teachers she meets on her travels.

Ruth Laing

Ruth Laing

Ruth has had over 20 years experience in Primary Education, as a teacher, Primary Mathematics Consultant and a School Improvement Advisor. She worked for Gloucestershire Local Authority for 8 years particularly supporting schools facing challenging circumstances.

Ruth has supported two schools that were judged to be in Special Measures both of whom are now judged to be good schools. Part of the success in both of these schools was the successful implementation and embedding of Talk for Writing. The writing outcomes in both schools dramatically improved from very low starting points to above the national average.

Ruth has recently taken on the Headship of another challenging primary school in Birmingham. The school is on the journey to becoming a good school and the Talk for Writing approach is an instrumental part of this journey.

Ruth passionately believes in the Primary Writing Project and how it can transform the writing outcomes for all children. Ruth has experience of establishing the leadership systems and processes needed to aid the successful implementation of a project and she is the co- director of one of the larger projects that is currently running in the South East.

Emma Caulfield

Emma is an independent Literacy consultant, Talk for Writing trainer and an author.

Emma has been working in Primary Education for over twenty years; her comfort-zone being schools facing challenging circumstances. She was an NQT in London, moving to Liverpool and then Manchester in 1998. In addition to class teaching, Emma has been an English leader, leading teacher, Head of Key Stage 2, Deputy Headteacher and National Strategy Literacy Consultant. She is a lifelong learner with an MA in Education Studies and NPQH. Furthermore, in March 2016, Emma had a book on teaching writing published – “Planning to Teach Writing – A Handbook for Primary Teachers”.

Emma has trained schools to develop Talk for Writing for several years, delivering effective training and support for individual schools, networks and Local Authorities. As well as providing strategic support for the effective implementation of Talk for Writing with senior school leaders, Emma also works alongside teachers in the classroom supporting, coaching and demonstrating effective practice.

Tom Wriglesworth

Tom has worked as a teacher for nine years in North Yorkshire. He has taught in a range of year groups but has developed a real specialism in upper Key Stage 2.  For the past three years,

Tom has worked in Year 6 enjoying the challenge and task of adding value to the children’s education before they set off for secondary school.  Tom started developing Talk for Writing five years ago and was lucky enough to be observed by Pie Corbett and Julia Strong in his second year in school.  Tom was subsequently asked by his Headteacher to join the Talk for Writing team at the school which is one of our national training centres.

Since then Tom has led Talk for Writing training across the UK.  Tom has also developed Talk for Writing approaches in Science and has had various case studies and associated resources published.