To ensure schools benefit from this professional development opportunity, schools joining the project would need to adopt the Talk4Writing model as their framework for teaching writing. The model carries implications for school leaders and teachers. Among these, we would expect each participating school to:

  • Make writing a positive and enjoyable experience for all children;
  • Adopt the 3I’s (imitation, Innovation and Invention) teaching framework;
  • Sustain and monitor the work in school over the initial 2 year period, ensuring all staff remain onboard and committed to raising standards in reading and writing;
  • Involve all teachers, relevant support staff, parents and carers;
  • Identify at least one leading teacher to model practise and support colleagues;
  • Enable class teachers to visit each other’s classrooms within and across schools;
  • Develop a school-wide progression of key fiction and non-fiction texts for each half term, making grammar and language features explicit;
  • Ensure regular and extensive shared, guided and independent reading and writing in every class to teach relevant writing skills and improve motivation and confidence to write;
  • Ensure daily age-appropriate skills practice and teaching of synthetic phonics/spelling, vocabulary and sentence level work in every class;
  • Develop┬ácommon practices across the whole school including the use of writing journals, and class-based strategies for text-building and drafting;
  • Ensure regular systematic formative assessment by teachers to focus teaching, involve children in their learning and secure good progress;
  • Develop┬áthe use of school to school support to build capacity for sustainable improvement.