Contracts and commitments

Once a partnership has been agreed and the schools are identified, we send each school a joining pack consisting of a contract letter which they sign and return to us and a request for some preliminary information about the school to help us frame the programme and understand the strengths and needs of each school. You will also receive an evaluation pack asking you to collect baseline and progress data based on your National Curriculum assessments as the work proceeds to help us evaluate and monitor the programme and to provide some feedback to you on each school’s progress within the group. We expect schools to make the following commitments.

  • Head teacher participation – we need head teachers to participate in all the training and to lead their project teams in schools;
  • Each school to form a school project team able to lead and implement the teaching, working alongside colleagues and leading the professional development in school;
  • Reading and writing should be a persistent, whole school priority over the 5/6 terms of the programme;
  • Full participation of Teachers and Teaching Assistants in training days, staff professional development meetings and classroom implementation;
  • Schools to agree to collect and submit data (baseline, outcomes and pupil attitudes in Year 1 and baseline and end of project outcomes at the end of Year 2);
  • Build capacity for sustainable improvement within school and across the partnership. For example, develop expert and leading teachers, ensure staff visit each other’s classrooms, use peer coaching/support and share evaluations between schools etc.