• Primary Writing Project

    Primary Writing Project

    An extended programme for implementing T4W across the school
  • High expectations

    High expectations

    high impact
  • Enjoyment


    fostering creativity, imagination and motivation to write

In-depth training for all:

school leaders, teachers and TAs



consistent practices across the school


Quality resources:

books, guidance, DVD and CPD materials


High value:

significant gains for modest investment

What people say

“The results of the PWP at Westover and amongst the other member schools were startling. The children’s confidence in their ability and approach to writing had dramatically increased and their engagement with writing enhanced… ”
Westover PS Portsmouth
“Pupils’ attitudes to writing very quickly improved as they had early success and the writing process became something they ‘could do’! Involvement in the Primary Writing Project has made a real impact on standards and progress in writing across the school.”
Fernhurst Junior School Portsmouth
“These are our best results ever and the impact of our focus on writing is clear in these results. I am very thankful for my dedicated and skilled teachers and support from the PWP Team (Pie Corbett and John Stannard). ”
West St Leonards Academy, Hastings
“The opportunity to network with other schools taking part in the project has also been invaluable. Many ideas have been shared and stolen! ”
Lyndhurst Junior School Academy